Antonov An-178 | Amazing Flying Maneuvers!

Please note: The actual flight display starts at 3:08

Antonov is best known for Soviet-era designs, the likes of an An-12 or an An-26 and also for giant transport aircraft, like the An-22 "Antei", the An-124 "Ruslan" and of course the six-engined one-of-a-kind An-225 "Mriya". But they don't seem to intend resting on their laurels! The An-178 we see here, is basically a cargo version of their An-158 regional jet and didn't make it's debut on the international stage until 2015.

At ILA Berlin Air Show 2016 I had the chance to come pretty close to that beautiful aircraft and to see it in the air, flown in what looked like virtually impossible flight maneuvers for a transport aircraft this size! When was the last time you saw a plane that size in a knife edge flight? :)

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Shot on 2016-06-03