Boiko Borisov hvanat v korupcia / Bulgarian Prime Minister Boiko Borisov caught in corruption

It turns out that the Bulgarian PM protects a manufacturer of beer who got his license withdrawn by the authorities for improprieties. Boiko calls the boss of BUlgarian Customs and tells him off  and orders that he takes away his officers because "Misho the Beer" called me and complained.". 
At the time, Misho the Beer owes a large amount to SI Bank, formerly almost fully and now  partially owned by Borisov's long term girlfriend Cvetelina Borislavova. If he had no license to work and his factory remained shut down as it should have been, he could not return the money he owes SI Bank...
3 months latter the license of the beer factory is returned (May 2010) and all is forgotten. Till today.