Georgian security allow Russian troops to pass through checkpoint

1. Wide of Georgian checkpoint, people by van on road
2. Road sign directing to the towns of Lamiskana, and Kaspi 
3. Georgian officer crossing road with gun 
4. Wide of checkpoint, Russian troop convoy passing through
5. Russian officer speaking to Georgian officer, gets into vehicle 
6. More of troops convoy going through Georgian checkpoint
7. Tilt from Georgian police car to Russian truck passing through
8. Armoured Personnel Carrier (APC) in convoy passing through
9. Wider shot of Russian convoy 
10. Georgian officer looking at Russian convoy passing through
Georgian security officials on Wednesday allowed a Russian convoy to pass through one of its checkpoints on the outskirts of Igoeti, about 30 miles (50 kilometres) west of the capital Tbilisi.
Several Russian trucks, armoured personnel carriers (APCs) and other vehicles drove through the checkpoint which was manned by a couple of Georgian police vehicles and a handful of armed officers.
The checkpoint is in the same spot where a Russian armoured personnel vehicle smashed through a group of Georgian police cars barricading the road to Gori on Monday last week.   
Russians also hold a checkpoint on the road from Gori to Igoeti, making the checkpoint one of the deepest penetrations made by Russian forces into Georgia after fighting broke out in South Ossetia nearly two weeks ago.
On Wednesday a top Russian general said Russia plans to construct nearly twenty checkpoints to be manned by hundreds of soldiers in the so-called "security zone" around the border with South Ossetia. 
The cease-fire that calls for both sides to pull back to their pre-fighting positions allows Russia to maintain troops in a zone extending 4.3 miles (7 kilometres) into Georgia along the South Ossetian border.
The cease-fire agreement states that Russian and Georgian forces are to pull back to positions they held before the fighting in South Ossetia started. 
But there have been few signs of movement and the ongoing tension has brought this part of the country to a standstill.

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