Azerbaijan. Gabala recreation center

Gabala, also known as Qabala,  is a city in Azerbaijan and the capital of the Qabala Rayon.

Gabala is the ancient capital of Caucasian Albania. Archeological evidence indicates that the city functioned as the capital of Caucasian Albania as early as 4th century BC. The ruins of the ancient town are situated 15 km from the regional center, allocated on the territory between Garachay and Jourluchay rivers. Gabala was located in the middle of the 2,500-year-old Silk Road, and was mentioned by Pliny the Younger as "Kabalaka", Greek geographer Ptolemy as "Khabala", Arabic historian Ahmad ibn Yahya al-Baladhuri as "Khazar". In the 19th century, the Azerbaijani historian Abbasgulu Bakikhanov mentioned in his book Gulistani Irem that Kbala or Khabala were in fact Gabala.

In the 60s BC, Roman troops attacked Caucasian Albania, but did not succeed in capturing the Qabala territory. In 262 AD, Caucasian Albania was occupied by the Sassanid Empire, but preserved its political and economic status. In 464, it lost its independence due to years of invasions from the northern nomadic tribes and had to move its capital city to Partava (currently Barda in Azerbaijan).

On the outskirts of the city of Gabala is a zone of rest "Ai Ishigami". Excursion and travel service "Chalets" organizes recreation in the forest, excursions, hunting and fishing. The recreation area "Sahil" is located on the shores of Lake Nohur, 5 km from the highway Gabala - Baku (area - 1.5 hectares). Tourists can make trips to the waterfalls, through the forest, to the historical monuments.

На окраине города Габала расположена зона отдыха «Ай ишигы». Экскурсионно-туристическая служба «Горная турбаза» занимается организацией отдыха в лесу, экскурсий, охоты и рыбалки. Зона отдыха «Сахил» находится на берегу озера Нохур, в 5 км от шоссе Габала — Баку (площадь — 1,5 га). Туристы могут совершать походы к водопадам, по лесу, к историческим памятникам.