Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Epic Fan Trailer

Spider-Man: Spider-Verse Epic Fan Trailer!
▶ For people who say that the trailer is Fake, well, obviously. I didn't make this trailer to fool or scam anyone, it's just a fan trailer. This is just a concept fan trailer for a Spider-Verse movie. This was made for fun.

▶ Copyright Disclaimer: This video was made purely for fun. No copyright infringement intended. All copyright belongs to their respective owners. 

▶ Huge credit and thanks to Joshua Williams for the amazing Miles Morales and Spider Gwen footage, make sure to watch his great Spider-Man fan film! http://bit.ly/2jJNOCZ

▶ Music Credit:
The Epic music was made by Razor and it's called "Spectrum" and "Temple of Conversion". Make sure to downdload the Epic album when it arrives!
Big thanks to Razor for the great music, make sure to sub to his great channel for more music! http://bit.ly/2b98LlL

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