Amazing facts you didn't know before about Azerbaijan | bad things about azerbaijan

I tried to discuss here some Amazing & important fact  you didn't know before about Azerbaijan.

How to go Azerbaijan from Bangladesh.How to get student visa.How to get tourist visa. How to get Electronic visa or e visa. How to get business Visa and how to move from Azerbaijan to Turkey / Europe.

And also I tried to discuss here about illegal migrant who want to move from Azerbaijan to Europe illegally.

And about migrant situation. What kind of problems  they will face in Azerbaijan, Iran, Turkey.


And also tried to assist you that's, Bangladeshi citizen can not get tourist visa from Indian Azerbaijan Embassy without Ministry of Foreign Affairs invitation.

I want to request you guys.
Please don't try to move anywhere illegally.
Its harmful for you and your family.
If you want to take risk I request you please think about your family.
If you will fall in some problem then what will do your family?

Please try to move anywhere legally try to get visa legally.

You can see my another video.
About visa success.

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Some facts you didn't know before about Azerbaijan

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