Разбор ЗНО по английскому 2018/ АУДИРОВАНИЕ

Долгожданный разбор ЗНО по английскому 2018! Самые спорные моменты и конечно же разбор аудирования по английскому.

Материалы видео:
Talking With Mouth Full

Arron Crascall singing Despacito and (mach more) in the public| EXTREME LAUGHTING

Swedish Guards steps on lego

Все материалы теста ЗНО по английскому 2018:

Transcript Task 2 ЗНО по английскому 2018:

- You know how everyone sometimes has bad days. Andy, can you tell us your story?
- One day I woke up at 8 10 in the morning, an hour later than I should have. I rushed to the bathroom, but tripped and fell down the last four stairs. After recovering from the fall, I ran into my computer room only to find my wide open backpack and my dog Chappie chewing on my Math book.
- Oh, not a very good start of the day. Were you late for school then?
-Actually, no. But waiting for the school bus, I found my ruined headphones in my pocket. While I was assessing the damage, a cat scratched me on the leg and I started bleeding. The bus arrived at school later than usual, so I ran to my locker. When I opened it, all my books fell out and I began to clean them all up. Luckily, I got to the first hour in time, which surprised me a lot. I thought the day might get better, but of course, I was wrong. 
-What else could have happened to you this afternoon ?
-In the lunch room I was looking at my homework when my elbow hit the tray of food and it went all over my lap. After cleaning myself off, I continued my homework until the bell rang and got detention for being late for class. Then I found out my vocabulary test was horrible. Another F went into my report card.
-Did your misfortunes end there?
-Not that Tuesday. The night wasn’t much better. My parents shouted at me for my bad grades. Now, all I wanted to do was sleep, but I couldn’t. After three hours of tossing and turning, I finally got my well-needed rest. For the first time in hours I felt like I was in a state of peace.