One Punch Man: How Saitama Really Got His Powers

One Punch Man: How Saitama Really Got His Powers

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Fans everywhere are raving about the hilarious anime parody One Punch Man, which features Saitama, the strongest hero in existence. Seriously, this guy is so powerful that he can defeat literally any opponent with a single punch. That might sound awesome, but it’s actually pretty annoying for our hero. After all, he got into fighting bad guys because he thought it would be fun, but has a hard time finding any sort of thrill or excitement when he can just defeat everyone so swiftly and easily.

In this video, we’ll take a look at the root of his powers. Little information is known about where these abilities come from, other than three years of an oddly specific and somewhat difficult exercise routine. That can’t be the true reason for his powers, though, so we’re digging deep to find out what really happened and how Saitama turned into such a force.

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