"VORONEZH" Top 50 Tourist Places | Voronezh Tourism | RUSSIA

"VORONEZH" Top 50 Tourist Places | Voronezh Tourism | RUSSIA

Voronezh (Things to do - Places to Visit) - VORONEZH Top Tourist Places
City in Russia
Voronezh is a city on the Voronezh River in southwestern Russia. Landscaped Petrovsky Park is home to a bronze statue of Peter I.

Housed in a baroque building, the Voronezh Regional Art Museum has collections of Ancient Egyptian art and several centuries of Russian paintings. The ship museum Goto Predestination recreates 18th-century naval life. Scarlet Sails park has pine trees, playgrounds, and an outdoor theater.

"VORONEZH" Top 50 Tourist Places | Voronezh Tourism

Things to do in VORONEZH - Places to Visit in Voronezh

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VORONEZH Top 50 Tourist Places - Voronezh, Russia

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