EU4 MEIOU and Taxes 2.50 - Floppy Florence - 1 - New Player Tutorial - Let's Play

EU4 MEIOU and Taxes 2.50 - Floppy Florence - 1 - New Player Tutorial - Let's Play

And now for something completely different.

MEIOU and taxes is an overhaul mod for EU4 that changes a ton of the core mechanics of the game. Populations actually grow and shrink, along with the value that they generate in each province. Gold is king, and monarch points are no longer the supreme force they once were.

We will be playing as Florence, discussing some of the mechanics of the mod, and discovering and working out other mechanics that I don't yet fully grasp. If you are new to the mod, come along with me and learn about it! If you know it well, help me to understand where I'm falling short.

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