Hamad International Airport Connection flight - DOHA AIRPORT TRANSFER - Airport tour Qatar

Hamad International Airport Connection flight - DOHA AIRPORT TRANSFER - Airport tour Qatar

This is what a transfer is like at Doha International Airport (Hamad International Airport) in Qatar. If you have a connection flight at Hamad International Airport in Qatar this video will give you an idea of what it is like and at the same time give you an inside tour
of Doha Airport (Hamad International Airport).

This video takes you on the transfer walk beginning at the gate we arrived at and ending at with Qatar Airways and ending at the gate we departed from also with Qatar Airways (Our connection flight). On our transfer walk through Doha Airport on our way to our Qatar Airways connection flights we pass the "Playground" sculpture by Tom Otterness, give you a brief look at the security area queues, take you into Hamad International Airport main departure hall where we view some of the many Duty Free Shops, chocolate shops, toy shops etc. which are available to shop at. As our connection flight gate number was not available we had time to visit the airports Food Court for a coffee and took time to enjoy the view of the Qatar Airways aircraft on the apron and could even admire the amazing Doha City Skyline from there. The airport Food Court offered a good selection of fastfood, cafes and restaurants catering to all tastes. Once we had had our coffee at the food court the gate number for our connection flight had been announced and it was time for us to follow the transfers signs through Hamad International Airport to our Qatar Airways departure gate.

This footage was filmed inside Hamad International Airport (Doha International Airport using our 4K Camcorder.

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Wiki writes about Doha Airport, "Hamad International Airport (Arabic: مطار حمد الدولي‎‎, Maṭār Ḥamad al-Duwalī) is the international airport of Doha, the capital city of Qatar. It replaced the former Doha International Airport as Qatar's principal airport.
Formerly known as New Doha International Airport (NDIA), Hamad International Airport was originally scheduled to open in 2009, but after a series of costly delays, the airport finally opened on 30 April 2014 with a ceremonial Qatar Airways flight landing from nearby Doha International. National carrier Qatar Airways and all other carriers formally relocated to the new airport on 27 May 2014..."

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