Guide to: Personal Unions in Europa Universalis 4!

Guide to: Personal Unions in Europa Universalis 4!

Hey guys, welcome to a video guide about Personal Unions in EU4! In this video we will cover the basics of Personal Unions including the following subpoints:
-Requirements for a PU
-How to improve odds of getting a PU
-How to claim a throne and enforce a PU
-How to maintain a PU
-Inheritance and integration
-What a PU entails and how it differs from vassals
-And more stuff, including general tips and strategies for getting and keeping PUs!

Hopefully this guide covers all of your questions, but if you have any more please feel free to post them in the comments, and I'll try to answer as many as I can! Also, feel free to suggest ideas for more guides you'd like to see, even if they're for other Paradox games like CK2 or HoI4!

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