15 One Punch Man Moments That Went Too Far

15 One Punch Man Moments That Went Too Far

The Times The One Punch Man Anime Crossed the Line

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In a world dominated by terrifying monsters, outlandish superheroes with quirky powers and a god-like being who destroys anything with a single punch, things are bound to cross the line from time to time. One Punch Man has done a great job with balancing the light-hearted humor of the show with more action-packed, bloody spectacles, but it doesn’t always succeed. There are a lot of times when One Punch Man has taken things way too far and our hearts and minds had trouble comprehending what we were seeing.

Whether it’s watching all the blood being sucked out of a random guy by a deadly pack of bloodthirsty mosquitoes in graphic detail or watching Suiryu cry and beg for mercy after being beaten senseless or even the revealing costume choice for the monster dominatrix Do-S, all these instances show how this anime gets a little out of hand at times. Don’t the animators understand there are impressionable people watching who now might never be able to sleep again after seeing Saitama’s terrifying underground face?

It doesn’t make the show any less enjoyable to watch, but it certainly raises some eyebrows when it comes to the tone the show is trying to maintain. We’ve gone ahead and made a video about some of the biggest moments when One Punch Man took things too far, so go ahead and check it out, and be sure to let us know in the comments afterwards if you agree with our moments or if you have other examples.


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