20 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

20 Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom is packed with Easter Eggs and hidden details most viewers probably missed! Subscribe to our channel: http://goo.gl/ho3Hg6

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom was filled with thrilling moments, huge plot twists, and the introduction to a new dinosaur known as the Indoraptor. Even with all the new content, the film was certainly filled with a lot of references and moments to other Jurassic Park movies and pop-culture together. Now it’s time to recap them all and see some of the tiniest details you may have missed!

The brachiosaurus had a huge return to the movie this time around, delivering a couple of key scenes, including one of the saddest scenes in the whole film. Direct references were made to the original Jurassic Park film in the form of flipped over Jeeps, the appearance of the T-Rex, and other small details. The original Jurassic World was not forgotten either as references were made to some key shots and moments well beyond the familiar gyrosphere scene. Once everyone was off the island, the Easter Eggs continued to appear on Lockwood’s giant estate. All of the references were directly connected with the big reveal of the Indoraptor and the traits she shared with raptors from past Jurassic Park movies. Dinosaurs weren’t the only thing referenced either as a goat made an appearance and then was reference in a key death from the movie. There is even a reference to The Lost World: Jurassic Park in the form of Blue’s scene after she was shot was on the island. Watch to see all of these Easter Eggs and moments you totally missed in the movie!

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