EU4 - MEIOU & Taxes - Roman Reclamation - Part 3

EU4 - MEIOU & Taxes - Roman Reclamation - Part 3

Let's play MEIOU and Taxes in Europa Universalis 4!

We shall begin as the Empire of the Romans at a watershed moment in their history. Either they will continue to decline and fall to the Ottomans to the east and the internal conflict they face. Or they could reform, rally and rise!

Of course we will be shooting for a glorious resurgence of the purple phoenix.

The plan is to attempt to restore the old imperial boarders and unify Europe and north Africa under our glorious rule.

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About Europa Universalis 4:

Make your own decisions
Nation building is completely flexible and the possibilities are endless.

Use your Monarch Power
Experience the new system of monarch power where your choices are influenced by the caliber of the man or woman you have at the top and will direct the ebb and flow of gameplay.

Experience history coming to life
The great personalities of the past are on hand to support you as you make your mark on thousands of historical events.
Turn the world into your playground
Enjoy hundreds of years of gameplay in a lush topographical map complete with dynamic seasonal effects.

Experience the all new trade system
The trade system adds a new dimension to the great trade empires of the period. Gain control of vital trade routes and make the wealth of the world flow to your coffers.
Bring out your negotiating skills in a deeper diplomatic system
Use coalitions, royal marriages and support for rebels and explore the possibilities of the new unilateral opinion system.

Engage in Cross-platform Multiplayer
Battle against your friends or try the co-operative multiplayer mode that allows several players to work together to control a single nation with up to 32 players. Featuring improved chat and new matchmaking servers.

Create your own history & customize your game
Europa Universalis IV gives you the chance to customize and mod practically anything your heart may desire and uses Steam Workshop.

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