Heat of the Master Bakers Bakery - Baking 100's of Breads at 6:00am in the morning at Camden Bakery.

Heat of the Master Bakers Bakery - Baking 100's of Breads at 6:00am in the morning at Camden Bakery.

✓ Documentary: If you want to catch a Master Baker (baking his breads) you have to get up very early in the morning - 3:30am to be precise (I actually got there at 6:00am when it was still dark and the streets of Camden were very quiet.

Have you ever wondered "How is Bread made"?
Hopefully this video will go some way to answer your question.

It's about time that we visited our all time favourite bakery to get a special look at the process of bread making from start to finish.

Be mesmerized as Master Baker Bob makes the bread making process look so effortless - but be under no illusion that every aspect of what he does is not at all easy; be it a simple flick of his wrist to sprinkle a dusting of flour or the even the kneading of the actual dough, skills and techniques that he has honed and perfected over the course of 30 years.

This video covers the whole bread making and baker Bob says that it's a:
* Making process
* Resting process
* Shaping
* Proving
and then finally the Baking Process.
Bearing in mind that the whole process is affected by the environment such as the temperature and humidity.

This is a bakery which we've been visiting now for around 30 years; be safe in the knowledge that the bread that you buy here is freshly baked and made without preservatives.

Stand in the shop and you'll see all walks of life come into the shop; rich or poor: low, middle & upper classes can all be seen as customers in the shop all drawn into the shop with the wonderful wafting scent of the fresh baking smell of the breads - there is nothing better than the smell of baking bread!

Throughout the day you will get a slice of London in this bakery shop, office workers, mothers, fathers, police, night shift workers, taxi & minicab drivers, even traffic wardens, bankers, tourist visitors to Camden's Markets; all buying or eating some form of freshly baked bread, be it a sandwich or roll filled with delicious fillings or a takeaway loaf of freshly sliced bread to take home.

The best place to sit when eating in the shop? we reckon its right by the window so you can see the world pass by.

They can get extraordinarily busy but the speed of service is second to none; so if you're in a rush you'll never be waiting for too long to get served.

My favourite here is a crisp and crusty buttered roll filled with cheese, tomato, salad and simply seasoned with salt & black pepper.

The bread made here is handmade in a traditional style, made with heartfelt love and energised with human touch, not factory production line produced.

If you eat freshly made food that has a living energy, that food will return that living energy.

There's a huge variety of breads made here such as small Bloomer and large Bloomers, French Sticks (Baguettes), Square Sandwich Loafs, Soft + Crusty Rolls, Focaccia bread, Mediterranean bread, sourdough, wholemeal and much more.

The secret to getting very soft Focaccia bread is to mix it with a lot of oil, rest it, prove it so the oil incorporates into the dough and then cook it at a very high temperature. Before the dough is fully baked it is sprinkled with Oregano & Sea Salt and drizzled with Olive Oil, when it comes out of the oven it is again given a generous drizzle of Olive Oil.

Baker Bob says the basic recipe ingredients include some or all of the following: flour, oil, warm water, sugar, salt and yeast, some breads are topped with black poppy seeds or sesame seeds.

The doughs are very delicate especially whilst proving and have to be handled with care; one slight knock and the rising dough can go down like a flat tyre.

A very special thank you to Sameh, Baker Bob & all the Camden Bakery team who welcomed me and graciously allowed me a privileged glimpse into their bakery to do the videoing.

Having spent a day in this bakery, I now have major respect for bakers, they work so hard, harder then I ever thought!

Camden Bakery is located at: 94 Camden High Street, London, NW1 0LT, UK

Shop phone number: 020 7387 4947

Here's links to their social media pages:
Instagram and Facebook: @CamdenBakery
Twitter: @CamdenBakeryLDN

Amazingly this bakery first opened it's doors in November 1972 and was previously known as "The Little Baker" it now called the "Camden Bakery" it is "the original bakery of Camden" - before even the world famous Camden Lock and Stables Market had even started.

The making of this video was a labour of love for me and it is one of my longest food videos that i've yet made to date, but I didn't want to dilute any aspect of the bread making process and hope that You the viewer enjoy watching this video documentary.

If you enjoyed this video here's another Masterbaking video we recorded at Beigel Bake in Brick Lane: https://youtu.be/CJrYzmVuG4E

This video is especially for Christmas, so give thanks and break bread with those you love.

If you have a smart TV then please do watch it on that as the video has been recorded in H.D. Enjoy!

Video recorded Tues 10th Sept 2019

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