How To Avoid A Lame Guy Asking You Out!

How To Avoid A Lame Guy Asking You Out!
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IT IS TIME FOR THE BACK TO SCHOOL DANCE! Rumour has it, Raja is going to ask Tootsie out to the back to school dance... but then again that could be just a rumour. However, that won't stop Tootsie from making sure she rejects him! Tootsie knows how to reject a guy so she will make sure the lame guy at school does not ask her out. She does not want to go on a date with a guy who isn't as popular as she is! It is only a few days after the first day of school so Tootsie has to look cool! With the help of Riya, her best friend, she will not stop until she avoids Raja! Tootsie knows how to avoid a guy from asking you out! ENJOY!

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