Visit Artsakh | Арцах | HD

Visit Artsakh | Арцах | HD


The land of Artsakh, the central and largest part of which is better known throughout the 20th century as "Nagorno-Karabakh" or "Mountainous Karabakh," is one of three ancient provinces of Armenia, located in the eastern end of the Armenian Plateau.

Beyond the mystical beauty of the place, Karabakh is one of the cradles of Armenian statehood and contains a large number of the key landmarks of Armenian history. The region is an open sky treasure house of Christian art and architecture, hosting hundreds of medieval churches, monasteries and khachkars (cross-stones).

The magnificent scenery, soft climate, the pure curative air, the rich and varied forests, the healing mineral waters, the tumbling waterfalls, historic sights and the warm hospitality of local Karabakhi's provide visitors with unforgettable memories!

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