Back in Time: GEORGIA’s Rustic Interior | Cycling the World 26

Back in Time: GEORGIA’s Rustic Interior | Cycling the World 26

Bicycle Vlog 26: ‘Back in Time: GEORGIA’s Rustic Interior’ - It would be a such a shame to leave Georgia in a hurry so we head out west, against our planned route, towards the Black Sea. At an unexpected moment a lovely elderly woman invites us for the national alcoholic drink ‘chacha’. Every time we empty a glass it’s hard to say no to a refill. A wonderful camp spot is found to relax and rest up for the next days downhill through a remote valley. The ride down is bumpy and spectacularly scenic with great vistas, rusting trains, old villages and friendly people!

To see, feel, smell, hear and taste everything the road has to offer will be so much different than watching a documentary or reading a book about it. Sometimes it will be difficult and most of the time fantastic. We hope you will find inspiration in our video's and maybe fuel your dreams as so many other have done for us.

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