Метро в Ереване, Армения 2017 Երեւան քաղաքի մետրոպոլիտենի

Метро в Ереване, Армения 2017 Երեւան քաղաքի մետրոպոլիտենի

Subway in Yerevan, Armenia

Метро в Тбилиси

What is your opinion of this system? Its kind of cute seeing such small trains running on the system.
Yerevan is the capital of Armenia and home to one million people.

The system was launched in 1981 and like most former Soviet Metros, its stations are very deep (20-70 meters underground) and intricately decorated with national motifs. The metro runs on a 13.4 kilometres (8.3 mi) line and currently serves 10 active stations. The use of the system by the city's population has dramatically declined in recent years as a result of the introduction of a new minibus system.
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It sometimes its a great window into seeing what transit videos I may post in the future from that country

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